The Colonel: Commands the Battalion in and off the field. Represents the battalion at other organizations and other on occasions as needed. Oversees adherence to battalion policies, such as drill usage, uniforms, camp appearance, etc. Calls for and chairs meetings of battalion representatives. Works with applicant units in bringing them up to battalion requirements.

The Major: Does the duties of the colonel in the absence of the colonel. Assists the colonel as required otherwise. According to Hardee's Tactics, "The major will generally be abreast with the last subdivision; he will see that each guide marches exactly in the trace of the one immediately preceding; if either deviate from the direction, the major will promptly rectify the error, and prevent its being propagated; but he not need not interfere, in this way, unless the deviation has become sensible, or material." In line of battle, the major's position is in the rear center of the left wing, eight paces to the rear of the file closers.

The Adjutant: Handles battalion paperwork, receives company morning reports at events where consolidated morning reports are required. Produces daily schedule and posts it on battalion bulletin board. Reviews guard mount when formal guards are required. Sees that battalion gets into formation, open order, for formal reviews. Places company markers for formal reviews as directed by reviewing officer. Attends to the colonel in the field, doing duty at his pleasure as battalion marker, messenger, and overall assistant. Assists in battalion drills as needed.

The Quartermaster: Receives word from event organizer, as far as possible, about number of men and tents scheduled to appear at upcoming events. Arrives early at event sites and lays out camp area as directed by higher headquarters, applying numbers received from organizer. When required, produces requisitions for material supplied by higher headquarters such as wood and straw and assigns it to companies as needed. Oversees stockpiling of wood and straw in situations where such is required as needed. Supervises any enlisted personnel assigned as needed.

The Surgeon: Attends to injured personnel as needed and legally or otherwise possible. Makes suggestions to colonel involving health and welfare of battalion personnel. Supervises battalion hospital and/or medical area and personnel.

The Aide-de-Camp: Attends to specific requirements of the commanding officer as directed.

The Sergeant Major: Assists adjutant in performance of duties. Keeps the official time within the battalion. Supervises field music in the absence of a drum or fife major. Gives orders to company first sergeants from colonel or adjutant as required. Oversees adherence to battalion policy on camp appearance in company streets. Oversees adherence to battalion policies among enlisted personnel as required.

The Battalion Clerk (commissary Sergeant): Assists the Colonel, adjutant and sergeant major, especially taking care of paper work as required.

The Quartermaster Sergeant: Attends to specific requirements of the Quartermaster as directed.